Name Agent11
Title The Battle of

Once Upon a time there was an Army called The A`s of cp They were the most Toughest,Poweful,Strongest group In the whole of the club penguin army community they wanted everything , they wanted servers , Guns,and alot more troops even tho they had 1000 members the leader Albaro wanted everything his troops got tired and left for the B Army alongside the leader Bluesocka he didnt really care who he had and what he had the only bad thing he hated was the C army the leader of the C army is called Cul ,Cul was actually really good with his army he didnt war or anything he always made friends but 3 years later it was time for the war of Garentee on the coast side of England near Glasgow .At the river of Bontarg Albaros army attacked the B Army bluesockas army alot of soilders were killed on both sides but all the chiefs,leaders,High Commanders the survivers were Badboy Bluesocka and Bid . The surviers for the A Army were Albaro,Atticus,Amand but they still had a big war the A Army falled back bid was badly injured but bluesocka had hidden bunker 1 mile away with some medical things in it it even had cold drinks in little containers but from 3 miles away they heard gun fire and bombing runs going up and down but the A army were gone? Said Badboy
Who could it be? I dont know but we will find out with the Barret 50 cal in the bunker . Cul got on the radio to Albaro .Albaro my friend my allie my betrayer you cant stop me from blowing you to up no one can not even you Albaro, shut up cul we have already Won we blew bluesockas army up destoryed them.Congratulations if you have wiped them out but the leaders stand. Only Bid is hurt we have them on our sniper my friend.SHUT UP Your waisitng OUR TIME You Ehhhh, I Woudlnt say that we have you on our sniper its beaming if you dont get on yours kness your dead Albaro shut up Cul as you wish .This is delta Leaner 9ner Take the shot in the middle Roger that sir.Shot has been fired sir Okay Colonel.Amand has being shot really bad This is romeo bravo xray come in do you copy? Negative Albaro air support is wiped out how in bloody hell do we get home amand is shot we need ground control or air support over , Sorry Bravo 9 air support be eta 1 hour usless piece of sh*t SNIPER! Bad get down now AW Im hit im hit im hit im hit over.GET TO THE BUNKER! RPG ! Bunker is destoryed over needing air support ITS CULS ARMY FIRE Bid gover the right side All armies began to fire Culs army has been killed Cul was shot with M1 Magnum .Albaros army fired at Bluesockas army Bid was shot dead.SH*T You usless errrrrrrrrrr said Badboy badboy killed Amand Atticus killed badboy Bluesocka killed Albaro and Attitcus aswell.Luckly air support+Ground Control Unit came for Bluesockas army they had a big celebration The End ~ Agent 11


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